Rolling With The Punches

Oh dag!

Welp, things are all set up, I guess? I have updated the character page with Zoey and Olivia's brief bio, so check that out if you wanna learn a little more about these main characters I have introduced!

Other than that, I guess is just sailing from here, right? I don't have a specific update schedule at the moment, hopefully in the near future I can get a handle on how often I can produce pages. Again, I remind you of my Patreon, where any and all support allows me to spend more time doing art! So please, check it out!

If you live in the Southern Alberta area, I will have a table at the Artisan Market during the Lethbridge Arts Days festival next week! I will have The Windy City Vol. 1 for sale, as well as various fan-posters (including my newly printed Undertale posters!!!), original oil/acrylic paintings, as well as sketch commissions!!

The following week (October 8) I will be at the Allied Arts Council table at the Lethbridge Farmer's Market, same set up!