Pagination for New Readers!

Hello, new readers!

I first of all thank you for coming by and seeing what I got here! I hope you enjoy your stay =3

I'd also like to mention that yes, the pagination on this comic is backwards. Unfortunately, as much as I've tried to fix it...well....I'm not a programmer, haha! I have no idea how to get into the code of the site and switch it around, and the easy-squarespace-web-design-blocks don't really...have an option to....fix it.......

So for now, you'll just have to flip it backwards. Sorry! Someday I would like to get that fixed.

Thanks for coming by! Hope you enjoy the read =)

No Longer Hiatus?!

Dear Readers:

I've worked out (most) of my stuff, been feeling better and feeling the new year! I have a scheduled update for tomorrow, so look forward to that! Chapter 3 was a little intimidating, but I have some *plans* hehehehehe

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Alright, thanks guys! Let's make 2018 great!


Dear readers!

I apologize for the hiatus, but it might run for a few more weeks. I've been having some emotional trouble lately, plus all the insanity of the holidays and all that.

If you've been sticking around, thanks! I look forward to updates again once everything has calmed down a bit.

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I'll see y'all in the new year!