Zoey Delahaye

Like a true pirate, Zoey is brash and brave, and loves the allure of adventure and discovery. Despite her overt nature and bursting confidence, however, she has a tendency to be naïve and obtuse. She is descended from a long line of Delahaye pirates, who have a historically significant impact on the Venian Sea and area.


Olivia de Venéa

As her name suggests, Olivia has ties to the family line who settled in Port Venéa and expanded commerce to the islands of the Venian Sea. With blue-blood in her veins, and the nature of her upbringing in a high-class household, she conducts herself in a generally respectable manner. Life as a noble became a boring one, however, and as a young adult she embraced the exciting life of a sailor, eventually crossing paths with Zoey.


Sofie Brouillard

The local witch dealing in mage affairs in Cuttling Hollow. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced magic user, despite her child-like apprearance. Rumours of her actual age swirl about, but one thing is certain - she's much older and wiser than she looks.


Grant Lyanon

A feisty, testy local known to many Venian towns as a troublemaker. Has a bad habit of prodding and poking at others' nerves, attempting to get a rise out of a potential opponent. Not too much is known of his history - he may not even be as local as he claims, but he provides good work for ships by day and good business for taverns by night.